Nextlink is certified and equipped to handle the responsible disposal and recycling of IT equipment. Under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive, we can collect your old hardware and safely manage its disposal through our carefully selected partners. The WEEE directive, established in 2007, aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste going to landfills and encourages increased re-use and recycling of electronic goods.

By law, businesses that use or produce electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) are obligated to ensure responsible recycling and disposal of their equipment. With our IT Disposal services, we take care of the entire process, guaranteeing the secure and proper disposal of sensitive items, such as hard drives. We ensure that all data is securely wiped and provide BLANCCO Certificates for certification. Furthermore, our disposal procedures strictly adhere to the guidelines of the Data Protection Act, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Nextlink  manages the entire equipment disposal process, from transportation to environmentally-friendly disposal of IT assets. Our approach is designed to be flexible and suited to your specific requirements, accommodating your schedule and preferences for equipment disposal. Our extensive experience includes successful disposals with businesses of all sizes, spanning both private and public sectors.

By choosing Nextlink  for your IT equipment disposal needs, you can rest assured that the process will be carried out responsibly and in compliance with relevant regulations. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and data security ensures that your electronic waste is handled in an ethical and efficient manner. With our expertise and dedication, we make IT equipment disposal hassle-free and environmentally responsible for your business.

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