F-Secure SAFE – Box pack (1 year)


1 device – Win, Mac, Android


Protect all your computers, smartphones and tablets with one simple solution. Choose your F-Secure SAFE subscription based on the number of devices that you own. Manage the protection on your devices with an easy-to-use personal console; for example, if you buy a new device, you can easily switch the protection from one device to another to make sure that all of your devices are protected at all times.

F-Secure SAFE protects your children against unwanted web sites and allows you to moderate their online life. It also protects your smartphone and tablet against loss or theft, and helps you to locate a missing smartphone. On your PC or Mac, F-Secure SAFE ensures the safety of your online banking transactions.

F-Secure SAFE is the easy solution for protecting any device that you use; whether it’s a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. This cloud-based solution gives your devices the best Internet protection in the world and also ensures that everything runs smoothly without affecting the performance of your device.

F-Secure SAFE provides everything you need for full, real-time protection for all of your devices. It offers the ultimate protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and identity theft, while also blocking harmful web sites and online attacks when you are browsing the web. Worry-free surfing, banking and shopping has never been easier. F-Secure SAFE will protect you.

  • Protection against all threats
  • Worry-free surfing and shopping
  • Safety for your children
  • Protects your data
  • Locates a missing smartphone
  • Protects your online identity


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