Poly RealPresence Clariti


Subscription licence (1 year) + 1 Year Premier Service – 1 concurrent user – volume – 15-49 licences


RealPresence Clariti is simple, powerful, cloud-ready collaboration infrastructure software for businesses of all sizes that connects people with HD voice, video, content and web collaboration. RealPresence Clariti offers an industry-first hybrid cloud burst service, to seamlessly manage spikes in demand; providing additional capacity whenever needed. RealPresence Clariti simply and intuitively creates and promotes collaboration and takes team work to a new level.


RealPresence Clariti collaboration infrastructure software is simple to purchase and implement. Each RealPresence Clariti license entitles the user to the all-inclusive capabilities of the solution. The pricing model, based simply on the number of concurrent users, and the choice of implementation options, makes it easy to bring enterprise-quality video conferencing and collaboration to any organization.


With HD voice, video, content and web collaboration capabilities, RealPresence Clariti powerfully connects people and delivers superior video conferencing experiences in any workspace, on any device. RealPresence Clariti possesses the broadest interoperability and deepest integration in the industry and offers you the ability to add advanced services and collaboration tools for customized solutions.


Polycom offers exclusive hybrid cloud bursting services to RealPresence Clariti customers with on-premises deployments to seamlessly manage spikes in demand and increase capacity whenever needed. Choose from having RealPresence Clariti software deployed on-premises, in a private hosted cloud, or through a partner hosted service.


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