SuSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension


Subscription (5 years) – 1-2 sockets – flexible licence


SUSE Linux Enterprise is a highly reliable, interoperable, and manageable server OS built to power mission-critical workloads in physical and virtual environments. With this affordable, open source foundation, you can cost-effectively deliver core business services, enable secure networks, simplify heterogeneous infrastructure, and enhance efficiency and value. To get the most out of your mixed IT environment and deliver mission-critical data center services, add the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Availability Extension. SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension provides the ability for mission-critical applications to continue to deliver business value, 24 hours a day, every day. It does this by using high availability clustering to automate application and data recovery. Using flexible, policy-driven clustering solutions, it implements highly available Linux clusters and removes single points of failure.

Get more done with versatile Linux platform

A Linux platform is compatible with multiple operating systems, which enables you to get more done, more easily. This is done by supporting several different applications, running on several platforms and being easily interoperable.

Run mission-critical workloads reliably and securely

For mission-critical workloads, it’s important to be up and running 24×7. This platform offers low downtime statistics. Security is vital, and it’s important that your platform offer you that advantage. Take advantage of hardware and software Remote Access Services (RAS) and security.

Save time and money, now and in the future

Gain the advantage of unparalleled low costs with this platform. Existing hardware can now be reclaimed to give you great value for your money. Save even more with low-cost software licensing and powerful administration tools.

Do more with advanced features

Improved features offer you the advantages of better performance, reliability, and security. Enjoy better scalability and enhanced hardware support, more robust virtualization capabilities, enhanced interoperability, and support for more third-party storage, networks, and devices, than before.


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